the company that sold me the computer battery has contacted me wanting to know if I got the battery.

I’ve given them an earful and told them I think they owe me compensation for my laptop. Ball is in their court, we’ll see what happens.

I’ve also decided to contact my insurance company about the car. I’m SURE I have road hazard and if that’s so, they should cover the cost of the transmission pan.  Between the car and the computer, I’m looking at $1000.00. I can’t afford it.

Spawn has loaned me his old laptop. I’m grateful for that, but that sucker is SLOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!! oh so SLOOOOOOOOOOOW! It’s as bad as my old Dell. Really.

Have some Richard!!! tumblr_og4vzkrfnS1urox72o1_1280tumblr_n9hmbgRshg1qfdneyo1_400b4rbt7ucuaatxm6tumblr_nduvoldtwf1shkqqyo1_500