Look at  this!


She’s ASLEEP! What is it about my shoes??? Lord Thunderbutt will stick his head as far down my tennis shoes as he can get!

My car is SUPPOSED to be done tomorrow. Thing is going to cost me $500.00. We’re going to be eating a lot of beans the next 2 weeks. I told Spawn IF it’s done, when he comes to get me, we are going to the beach for a walk. We’re within 20 minutes of it and we need it. Badly.

Oh. Said transmission pan…. holy cats!


That’s the leaking…


And that’s the damage. I’m PRAYING there isn’t more damage to the transmission. I can’t afford it. I can’t afford THIS, I really can’t afford that. All bills should be paid at the beginning of the month. NOT this month. I see us riding the electric and water bill and maybe the gas bill until the 15th.

And eating lots of beans. Lots. Of. Beans. My home will be quite musical. You probably won’t want to come visit.

The ugly Autumn spiders are making their webs and that means cooler weather is finally on it’s way here. According to the weather service, highs will be in the mid 80’s for the next 10 days. Before you snort, highs have been in the mid 90’s, so we’re talking a drop by 10 degrees. It’s a start and I’ll take it!

I’m ignoring the clothing catalogs.

That’s a lie and you know it.

ManCandy will be LATE tomorrow. It might be Tuesday. No whining. Someone has chased me on 3 different archives begging me to write a series fic for a series I’ve not looked at in a few years. (A Rohirrim fic), I’m laying ground work to continue my NanoWriMo – When the Ribbons Dance – this November. Everything is being laid aside. William Edward is going to kill me when it’s over and Gary just has this sad look in his eyes, when he should be because he’s getting steady nookie! besides the fic that they are begging me to write won’t be very long at all. 2 itty bitty chapters at best.

Lord Thunderbutt is sitting in the laundry room, staring at the food dish. I guess he’s hoping for Second Dinner. Not happening.

My one social site where I get REALLY political has been a war zone this weekend. Not my feed, my PAGE. On it. At me. And I didn’t start it! People are fucking nuts!

I’m stressed people! really stressed.

I read ONE book this month – ONE! I’ve broken down and am doing something I”ve not done in eons! I’m reading someone else’s fanfiction. I”m having issues with the punctuation and formatting and I don’t know if the formatting is a download problem because I’m reading it on my kindle or what. i’m going to go back to the original site and see if the punctuation is awful there and mention it when I review. It’s not bad, considering it’s a movie I’ve not seen for REASONS… but I’m having issues.

OKAY! The ONE book I read this month is –

Miracles in Maggody

This series, while light-hearted and funny most times, always ends on somber notes, notes that make you think and either sadden you or make you think. The inhabitants are hysterical, if all related and in-bred. I don’t know why Arly hangs around. Jim Bob and Mrs Jim Bob need someone’s foot shoved up their ass… hard! Brother Verber – he who makes Christians look REALLY bad – discovers the joys of cross- dressing. I shit you not. Somehow, Arly manages to pull clues from the air and solve things with nothing to go on.

Oh and in this  book, we discover just how much Kevin Buchanan REALLY loves his bovine wife. (Hint – he loves her a lot!)

I’m thinking I’m going to put down my kindle, put down my attempt to finish 15 series (hint – NOT going to happen! I’ve put a great dent in them, tho! I only have 4 more Maggody books left in this series) and write some. Like I said, I’m going back to When the Ribbons Dance for Nanowrimo and see if I can add another 25-30K to it. I hope.

And that’s a wrap. have some Richard.