So when last we checked in with our clothes crazy heroine, my credit limit with Roamans had been raised to 1350.00, I broke down and bought 2 pairs of shoes

Katie Mule


(I got these in gold.)

And a pair of brown fake leather leggings.

leather pants

If they fit nicely (I got them a size smaller than what I’ve been wearing, because the last pair I bought were too big!) I will get a black pair….


da bulge

just like that….


Last night, I was perusing a site a rarely peruse – the same site where I got THIS –


and found this for a steal –

Music Tunic

BUT I haven’t been to the grocery yet and I haven’t done laundry yet and I know it will be tight tight tight with gas and such, so I started to just pass it by when I saw the little blurb…

$15.00 off your order when you apply for a credit card.

Folks, the tunic is 14.95. I’m like – okay, what the hell? SO I apply, thinking I”ll get $250.00 credit limit, I’ll buy it and pay the shipping and handling in 2 weeks or whenever it ships and I’m charged for it.

Those sons of bitches gave me a $700.00 credit limit! I bought the thing and I’ll pay $5.95 shipping and handling. It’s the same bank doing my Care Credit. And I’ll hide it! The card!!! I bought there a lot when I first moved here, but now I buy very little there because it takes so long to have anything delivered anymore.

In other news, we’ve not had a drop of rain from the storm. Some breezy weather, but not a DROP of rain! It’s been hot, humid, and cloudy all day today, but that storm is far to the north of us. I’m ready for some fall weather.

Also Brother Dearest put off the wedding until early May, so I’m seriously going to try to drop another dress size or two. One hopes.

Here. Have some Richard!

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