become acceptable to politically stomp during a funeral?

Warning: Political rant to follow. Open at your own risk.


Here. Just because you stopped by…

This past weekend, we said goodbye to two exceptional human beings – a singer, who not only set the standard for her genre, but set the bar so high, no one will get over it, and a war hero who I voted for for President, but disagreed with politically in his later years.

Both funerals, which should have been a celebration of their lives, turned into mud-slinging of the most disgusting degree.

First off, I will NOT and am not saying anything against John McCain’s daughter. She is hurting and grieving, however I found it sad that others picked up and ran with the political stomping, turning a celebration of an extraordinary life into being about someone who wasn’t there. It became a sorry expression of bitterness.

I wanted to hug Joe Liebermann.

As for Aretha’s…


I know Maxine Waters has been destroying funerals since Trump was elected. She isn’t an acceptable guest anywhere where civilized people gather. Her rhetoric is on stuck, like a scratched 45 RPM record. Yet, people seem to look to her for funerary rhetoric! It wasn’t acceptable then and it sure as shit isn’t acceptable now.

I’m sure a lot of you have a lot to say about that and fine, just remember, I lean right and I lean further and further every passing day. And this is about FUNERALS…