There was time if I wanted a book, music, movie… I could get them. Easy. Really easy.

Those days are gone. Especially books. The cost of an ebook is ridiculous and right now, all three of my kindles are not up to snuff. My fire won’t load books at all, my PC Kindle crashes at the slightest whim, not to mention the more of them that are ‘opened’ and loaded, the heavier it is. It already takes 2 hours for the damn thing to open up and when it does, it eats up more than 65% of my memory. I still use my 5 button, but it no longer goes online and I can’t get it reregistered. TheΒ  books I got elsewhere besides Amazon I can manually load, but the ones I get from Amazon? Nope.

It’s a stupid thing to whine over, I know. My blood sugar is up and I have cotton mouth. We are looking at another tight pay period. Good news with that, is we are eating at home a lot, which we should.

And we saw a lot of death again this weekend, from one that was expected to several that weren’t. And then a total shocker, for me. Right now, I’m just trying to function.

I’m hungry and it’s an early lunch, but a LONG day. Meh.

So let’s cut to the chase. Mancandy it is…



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Have a great week.