First off, I’d like to thank you all for the little extra push for my bucket band! Honest, I didn’t expect it to go live for a few more days – at least AFTER the  birthday auction and it went live sooner. It seems if you still put RIPPLE in the promotion box, donations will still be doubled! My kids will be SOOO stoked! I’ll be stoked!!!

Are we looking for the weekend? I am! I certainly am! 163 days until Summer Vacay!!! We have a retired teacher doing a long term and she told me I need to check with the county office about aid/help for my masters as well as a few other things. With me being a single parent with a Special Needs Adult, I should be able to get some help out the whazoo for my Masters, which will help with my RETIREMENT and oh by the way, talk to people when you turn 60. You’ll be surprised how much your retirement WILL be. So we’ll see.

Labor Day next weekend – I’ll be Out Of Town! Going home to Mama!

Do laundry. Get some clothes taken up!

I have a 3rd grader who is paying attention to what I wear – and it’s a boy. He thinks jeans are beneath me (You have so many pretty clothes. Why?) and in 15 days I wore one pair of shoes three times! Don’t you have enough shoes? 

I’m thinking – Should I be flattered or concerned??? 

No frogs on my windshield for 3 days now. Yessss!

And now, for that moment you’ve all been waiting for. Guy Day. May your Guy be fine on this day set aside for him.

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Happy Guy Day!