And how are we all?

My summer vacation ends tomorrow morning at 6AM when I crawl out of bed and return to work. I’m hoping I’m relaxed and resuscitated and this will sustain me through the next 10 months. Really 9, when you consider holidays. We have new admin (our principal is now permanent, our AP moved on to greener pastures further south. We had 3 retirees, so they have replacements, a few have been transferred or moved on within the system) We have a big change coming NEXT year and I’m not sure I want to deal with that mess. So chances are I will be looking among a few other teachers.

So today, I will spend getting stuff together. I still have a lot of school things in my garage that I refuse to keep. I also need to find my sight-singing materials as well as my beginning piano books FOR REASONS!!!!!! (YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!) My principal is opening the school over the weekend, so if I can get the room set up on Saturday, I can spend the following 3 days writing lesson plans. Lesson plans are the bane of my existence. I’d rather have them done so I won’t spend the day their due writing them.

In other news, I’ve not bought clothes in 20 days.  That’s another thing I get to do today – pull out my closet and arrange it for school. All of my summer/weekend clothes have moseyed to front and center and my work clothes to the outer ends. It’s my vice. It’s either that or food. Hopefully, when I pull stuff out, it will reiterate how much I have and I won’t feel the NEEEEEED….

But these boots…

Kourt bootie

This summer I did more things than I’ve done any previous summer: we saw more movies (5, not including the one we saw more than once, 8 guesses to which that one was!) there are 2 movies due out in November I NEED to see (Bohemian Rhapsody and the Crimes of Grindelwold.) We spent more time out of the house.


31543792_10155510563016717_1199905869844709376_n31933377_10155510570596717_2946455836886564864_n31933479_10155510543916717_961254491624046592_nDSCN8933DSCN8948DSCN8949DSCN8952DSCN8962This summer, I reaffirmed my love for a garden


I had hoped my sunflowers would be up by now, but these so-called dwarf zinnas are over 4 feet tall and they sunflowers aren’t getting the sun they need. Ah well.

I found my dream home.

antebellum house

Okay, this is really my dream house…


I know, I don’t need this much house, but I can dream! Get it? DREAM house?

What didn’t get done this summer was writing! I’m hoping to find time today to finish up the latest segment of William Edward. What didn’t get done was cleaning of my carpets, my house wasn’t deep cleaned, I think I unpacked one box out of my garage. I only went to my mom’s once, but we stayed a week. I did visit with friends while up home. We didn’t go to the beach, we didn’t see a baseball game. I haven’t read so much.

I did resolve to take better care of myself and consider my needs – not my need for clothes. I started what will be a 3 year project on my teeth. But I can smile now. My new glasses are due in any day! My A1C is coming down. Wish my weight was, but I’m working on that.

Summer went by too fast. But then again, it always does. At least I have a job. This year.Here. Have some Richard.