I am in a bit of a predicament. Not really. Just trying to show some self restraint.

I was talking to my doctor last Friday and I made the comment that I had no vices – I don’t smoke or drink, I don’t party, go to bars. The few things I do love, I’ve been forced to give up – no more cheesecake, fried chicken, pizza.


No man will have me. I’m crabby and cranky because I’ve given up cheesecake, fried chicken and pizza.

However, upon second thought, I seem to have replaced those vices with clothes shopping. I don’t NEED anymore clothes. I have a full closet. I’m going to buy another storage container for my out of season clothes to give me more room in my closet.


I’ve gone 17 days without buying any clothes or any shoes. What I have clothing wise is for the most part becoming baggy, but I can survive.

Sadly, the fall things are coming out and I’m drooling. As all of my back orders have come in and I was finally charged for these things (I thought I had been charged for them) my Roaman’s credit card is maxed out.

No worries, I’m making the payments plus some and I’m making the payments on my Care Credit Health Card, and I’m not struggling or straining at the bit. I’m fine.

Except there are these REALLY cute autumn/fall clothes and it dawned on me that you know, as the other two places keep offering me a card with either $10.00 off or 20% off I forget…

Just no. Get thee behind me Satan and DOOOOOOOOOON’T push! I’m trying to show some restraint here.

ManCandy anyone???


No. Not him.


Obviously, a young Dwalin!



Always save the best for last!!!