Soooo frustrated. Feel free to skip!

So I have spent the summer, like I did last summer, getting up at the crack of dawn almost every morning of the week and walking anywhere from 2.5 to a little over 3 miles. Typically under an hour! I get up – ON MY VACATION – because it’s too hot if I don’t get out before 8 AM. I have better things to do on my summer vacation than getting up as early as I do to go work, things like sleep or write.

But I digress.

Last year I was on Weight Watchers, and I walked, and I sort of kept to the diet. As a result, after 8 weeks, I hadn’t lost an ounce. Not one ounce. I weighed the exact same as I did when I started. I had dropped a dress size, in the bottom, but that was it.

Fast forward to  just before Memorial Day. I had lost weight over the winter months due to illness. I had had labs during Spring Break 2.5 months before. My A1C was over 12, everything was up, we suspect is now up higher and crazy numbers and my doctor mentioned the word ‘insulin’.

Which I’m not having any part of.

So I spent the summer, getting up and walking again – 2.5 to 3 miles 5 to 6 mornings a week. I was SERIOUS about the diet. Oatmeal pretty much EVERY morning. Yogurt or Salad pretty much every day for lunch. Yes, we did Mexican a few times. Yes, we went Chinese a few times – I stayed away from the rice and the fried stuff. I have pretty much quit drinking cokes. I’m all water or coke zero now. No white foods. Lots of healthy steamed veggies. The Diabetic Cook books. We grill a lot! I’ve dropped ANOTHER dress size.


I have ugly elbows, but wha-hey!

Either or! I was serious about it.

I had labs last week.

The only good news was my A1C DID come down to single digits, but just barely. My cholesterol is still up, my triglycerides are still high (although I’ve seen them higher) my good cholesterol is still low (although they were close to normal and I’ve seen them down in single digits, which is zombie.

And the worst was according to the scale, I hadn’t lost a pound. In fact, it said, I had gained a pound. Granted, it was close to lunch, I had eaten, and my doctor gave me the same old – you know muscle weighs more than fat and granted between the time you’ve made changes to the time we redid labs has only been 6 weeks rather than 3 months…

I’m so frustrated. No. Dammit, this is depressing. I feel I’ve worked my tail off for nothing. Again. a dress size down and I SHOULD see a difference on the scale.

ugly crying

Yup. That’s how I feel.

If you sat through this rant (which is your own fault as I put it behind a cut) at least have some Richard.


Have you seen this one? I love it, except… what is with the mouth? Did you eat a lemon, honey????


I do love this last set.