Please stop deciding each month that my emails from WordPress are spam and putting them in my spam folder therefore forcing me to go hunt for them when my WordPress traffic has been non-existent for 36 hours. Thank you so much and btw yerservicehazsuckedferawhilestoptryingtoimproveityermakingitworse.

My blood sugar this morning was over 200. I’m sure Dairy Queen for dinner and that Hershey bar at midnight had a lot to do with it. It’s depressing. I have no vices and I’ve given up everything I love. Cheesecake. Pizza. Cokes. Chocolate. Men. And clothes.

13 days, no buying clothes! (Am going to stop saying ‘no shopping’ – I’m shopping, just not buying. I know. I’m a masochist. I have no money, so no buying.)

Here. Have some Richard.

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I am now going to have lunch. Yogurt. Yum. *Sarcasm*