Hello and welcome to Channel Z. I’m Zee or Zeepster and I’ll be your host today! I am celebrating 11 days of NOT BUYING CLOTHES! I have looked, I have a wish list, but no. No purchasing. I am praying it is still warm enough to wear one of the sleeveless dresses I purchased last month that I like – I like all three of them and 2 of them I can wear to work, but they’re still dressy enough to wear to my brother’s wedding.

Either way, it’s been 11 days and I’d like to break my record of almost 30 days, I do believe. All of my backorders have come in, my credit card is now topped out (or pretty close) so if I do break down to purchase something, it has to be with my actual fundage, not the credit fundage. That should slow me down.

One hopes.

It has taken 4 days for me to figure out HOW to answer my phone. It’s weird, my son called it over and over and HE was actually the one who figured it out. So much slipping and sliding. Hate it. Just hate it.

We are in for a hopping evening…


The cats are under my bed.  They won’t even come out for dinner. That’s pretty bad, given an hour ago Lord Thunderbutt was at my feet screaming for food. That’s the only thing he screams for.

I have reached the last question of Guylty’s challenge…

2018 RA Challenge

Z – A chaRActer headcanon you have?

I tend to WRITE my headcanons. I think Thorin had a love when he was young and when she died, he took her death so badly, no one spoke of it, which is why there is no mention of her. I think Gary is stressed and over-worked and so  busy doing his job and raising his boys, he feels thrown under the bus in many ways. Certainly has no time to socialize. I know this feeling. I think he’s a sweet and gentle man and probably is looked past at the grocery store. I think Daniel Miller has been an undercover spy for so long, he’s forgotten WHO he really is. I want to delve into Trevor Belmont’s backstory.

I think Guy suffered so much when his parents died and he and his sister were tossed of their land. I think Isabella had no clue how much he suffered at the hands of others so she would have a little something.

Those are my head cannons. Have some Richard!