I know, I know, it’s the smack dab middle of July, right? Here in the sub-tropics, we still have 3 more months of 90+ degree temps BEFORE heat index throws it into 3 digits! But I return to work the back end of next week! I don’t really have to report until Friday, but I’ll go in Wednesday to start setting up my keyboard lab and getting my room put together. I’m hoping I find my 2 externals before then. I have one full of school age movies to show when I’m out sick. I had them the last day of school, brought them home and I’ve not seen them since. No shit, Sherlock! Unreal, I know!

Ah. Harken back to the days when sumemr vacation was June, July AND ALL of August!!!!

2018 RA Challenge

Y – Choose a work of art of a song that reminds you of RA

and if that’s not enough –

Think I’m done? Nope. It’s Man-Candy Monday and as I somehow managed to go through Friday with no Guy Day… Man Candy Monday is brought to you by Richard Armitage, dressed up and no where to go but my head!





I hope y’all are having a wonderful Monday!