Spawn took us Chinese for dinner after church this morning and while there, I got an alert that they’ve rescued the first 4 members of the soccer team trapped in the cave in Thailand! 8 kids and 1 coach to go. I understand they are expecting monsoon rains and time is of the essence. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for dry weather and successful rescue of each of your children. Wrap their families in your wings with your peace that surpasses all understanding.

And yeah, we are ALL His children.

Feeling rather giddy this morning. Last summer, I purchased a pair of brown pointy toed kitten heels. They were really cute!


Do you know how hard it is to FIND brown shoes? Everything is either black, burgundy/red or beige/tan. The occasional navy or blue! The first time I wore them however, they cut off the circulation in my toes. I had to take them off before I got to my room. I was really disappointed. I put them up and THOUGHT I’d sent them back, but I found them a few weeks ago when I was spelunking in the garage. I’d decided to send them to the Potter’s House but got to looking. Those suckers were buckled to the tightest hole in the strap! I unbuckled them to uber way down and wore them to church this morning. MUCH better this go round! Yeppers! Also helps that my feet aren’t as chronically swollen as they were this time last year.  So I’m rather happy I’ve been able to salvage these!

For the record – you guys KNOW I’m joking about the immense amount of doom I’ve been whining about, right?


honest, that’s just sheer pure dee excessive! C’mon. I’m losing weight, I’m down a dress size, but most of my stuff will suffice and the things that won’t are few and far between. I might go home next weekend and see if my mom will take those far and few things up so I can continue to wear them. Besides, I have dental work to pay for. Sheesh.

Here. Have some Richard!


Can’t have too much of him, nope!