Hello and welcome to Saturday and what a glorious day it is!

It’s fekking hot.

Thursday is a double whammy for me. Dentist in the morning – simply checking this temporary bridge and seeing how my gums are healing. That afternoon, I’m having my eyes examined and getting new glasses, first time in 11 years. They are over due.

I had one of the worst blood sugar crashes I ever had yesterday. I did all my normal things to bring it back up and none of them worked. It was a very scary 30 minutes. And of course, this morning, it’s up again. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a no-win, but I’m going to keep fighting. I keep looking at old pictures and thinking to myself – well damn,  I look good now!

So it goes. Here. Have some Richard!


Oh, When I said doomed? Yeah. Doomed.