First off, my heart and prayers are going out to the soccer team in Thailand. I can’t begin to imagine what they are going through, much less their families. Just… I can’t imagine!

My favorite place to buy clothes and shoes is having a BOGO this weekend on my favorite brand of shoes. ( I can’t just walk into a shoe store and buy shoes. I can’t! I have a duck shaped foot and the area across that knuckle behind my big toe across to my little to is a double wide. And this place carries shoes I can wear. So this sort of sale – YES!

Now I can hear my friend Sheri saying right now – Now Mama, you don’t need anymore shoes! And I’ve told myself that for a while. And I can hear other friends saying – you don’t REALLY believe that now, do you?

But it doesn’t matter. I’ve had this issue. My favorite go-to shoes are on their last legs.


I wear them with practically everything. I wore them through November and then back again in mid-March. That back strap has popped twice and the hemp-rope siding is starting to come loose on both of them. Somewhere, I have gorilla glue or super glue or even a glue gun that might fix the hemp rope problem temporarily, but I’m thinking they’re on their last legs. The back of the heel on both are warped. Rather than wait for them to gasp that last breath – could be the first week of school, could be November, who knows. I went ahead and ‘made arrangements’ – besides who can go wrong with BOGO?

shoes 1

I know. Almost the same shoe. The height off the floor and on the heel is perfect for me. I have a few pairs of pants that need a shoe lift off the floor. (I have a higher pair for those wide legged pants I have that need a bit more.) My only worry is getting that velcro strap around my ankle. The back as well – if I have to, I can put a skid resistant heel pad to pump it up.



I’m always on the lookout for a closed toe shoe for colder weather (not like we get that much, although even though winter arrived late last year, it didn’t want to go away until late March/early April) I remember last year, I wore my Moxie Booties a lot.

And then well… I needed these…


Yes, they are all black. Black pretty much goes with everything. I have a couple of things that need brown shoes or a neutral color, but I have brown kitten heels and sandals and I have a neutral Espadrille with a 2.5 inch wedge, and some white gladiator sandals and my beige dressy Stevie Sandals…

Don’t judge me. I’m a girly girl. I admit it. I’m a Southern Princess, I own up to it. Gladly. Proudly. For the next 4 months, if I buy anything – ANYTHING – it has to be out of my bank account, NOT the credit card. The credit is NOT maxed – nope, but I’d like to bring it down. Because… well… this…

Not sayin’ ALL of this will make it to my closet. Not at all. Just sayin’..

And now.. FINALLY… It is Guy Day! Sir Guy, king of Smoulder and glare!