So last night, I was digging through a folder on an old external that I’ve not accessed in a few years. Since before I moved down here, to be honest. It stirred up bunnies (plots)


Could be used for purposes other than the what it was intended for – a different fandom…


(remember when I said fan art was plentiful?)

Some of it was funny!



and reminded me of something I’ve thought for a long, long time but for some odd reason forgot about when the question came up.


2018 RA Challenge

C – Name a book that you think RA should play in a film adaptation.


Lan Mandragoran, King of Malkier. From The Wheel of Time.

lan by james beverage

Lan is pretty awesome. Stubborn. Proud. And as king, very noble, even if his kingdom has been taken over by The Blight and he was snuck out as an infant by oh, half a dozen soldiers, the LAST Malkierian honor guard. And that man can fight.

Yeah. That’s who Richard needs to play.