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I was bad. The deals were too good and I NEEDED the bras (2) and I needed a dress (I ended up with 3) and they are all a size down because the cute things I got in the last year now look like sacks on me, but I have a choice of 3 dresses for this wedding and yes, I can wear them to work and I’m done done done.

Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard that before.

I have thoroughly pissed off Spawn. I’m sorry I did. I made a rather crass and rude and judgmental comment about a friend of his and it upset him. Sometimes, I forget he’s 30 and feels he’s not reached some of the goals he’s set for himself. I’ve apologized profusely, and it says it’s okay, but… I feel pretty horrible.

I need to write.

2018 RA Challenge

R – Favorite pairing of RA’s past work.

Well, I wasn’t fond of Margaret in North and South. I found her to be whiney, demanding and just… John could do better.

Thorin didn’t have anyone…

Gary didn’t have anyone (Team Gary – Deidre!) And the weather girl – those two had NO chemistry whatsoever and thank you the film didn’t try to make a love connection there.

Guy and… I hated Marian. She and Blobbin deserve each other and Meg… Part of me would like to see that explored a little bit, but I think Meg would have driven Guy nuts sooner than later. Then again – I’m Team Guy-Genevieve.

Cold Feet – uhm… Lee and… no.

Porter? Porter? Porter?

Claude! Oh Claude… If I ever finish Guy and all his reincarnations and Gary…. and The vacation and… and… and… I might write a little something for Claude. But Claude and… no.

Francis and Reba. Oh I love them!

Daniel and Esther… I believe I mentioned yesterday, they are my favorite part of Berlin Station. They are the only thing I LIKE about Berlin Station.

So, Francis and Reba. My favorite, if doomed pairing.