I’m screwed. I’ve been almost 3 weeks without shopping. I am in need of one to 2 bras (unfortunately, I need a plain beige bra or a white bra, or both) and I’m in need of a dress for my brother’s upcoming nuptials in 3 months. Those dratted catalogs I’ve been tossing without looking at came in today and I thought – bra sale, clearance, maybe I can find a dress and 1 to 2 bras….

I’m NOW looking at a sizeable wish list. That crochet top I lusted over but decided against because it was 60.00 is now 24.99. IF they have it in my size.

Screwed.  For real. And I’m thinking – yeah, I could wait another month, but I’ve learned that my size is the first to go.


(might have a short reprieve. Catalog prices aren’t showing up at the site.)

2018 RA Challenge

Q – 3rd season of BS or not.

BS. That says a lot. You know, I would never had watched the 1st episode of the first season, had RA NOT been in it. It wouldn’t have been a blip on my radar. Really. It’s not my genre, my style, my cup of tea. I knew who Thomas Shaw was by episode 2 and the whole alt-right storyline during season 2 left me cold. I wasn’t fond of the Trevor Price persona and I didn’t like the haircut! I DID like the commando in the sweat pants and the tight jeans. Hmmm mmm. And I’m definitely shipping Daniel and Esther.  What do we call this? KrugMil? EsDan? DanEs?

If Richard is in it, I’ll watch it. I’ll do what I did the last 2 seasons. Save and burn the entire season and then binge watch it in December or January.