After 10 days of reasonable (under 130) blood sugar and a few blood sugar crashes, I clocked in this morning at 220. Who would think a turkey bacon ranch sandwich with fries for lunch will do such damage?

Probably also the fact I’ve been out of one of my meds for 2 days… and not enough water.

I am being inundated with the sales ads for various online places. I mean BIG sales. Sadly, the 3 dresses I kind of looked at to wear at my brother’s wedding in October were either out of my size OR out of the color I wanted. Otherwise, the only thing I really need are 2 bras, although I could make do with one…. nah. Two. Two bras and they can wait a month or two. The offers are outrageous, but they are also trying to empty the warehouse for the fall stuff that is probably coming in in the next couple of weeks. So I’ll wait. Give me a chance to pay the card down more.


2018 RA Challenge

P – Big Screen or Television RA?

Ah geez….

Big Screen…


Or small screen?


WE seem to have a lot of him on the small screen, don’t we? But I DO love seeing him on the Big Screen. I do I do!