My body is revolting on me. Notice, I didn’t say it revolts me (all of my beautiful new clothes are definitely LOOSE, so nyah!) but today I’m sore and just feeling draggy.

I’ve been power walking 5 to 6 days a week since I returned from my mom’s. So about a month. I typically pound out 2.5 to 3 miles in around an hour. I’m having to get out earlier and earlier… well… because…


It’s horrid hot. Half of the roads I pound have no shade. It’s bad. For the past week, the heat index has been OVER 110! Before noon!!!

In addition to my walk, yesterday, I helped a friend move. She’s been in a similar situation I was in: her divorce was fresher, just as ugly. Instead of moving home, as she had a job, she put the vast majority of her stuff in storage and found a roommate – who turned into the roomie from hell. So for the first time in a few years, she moved into a place of her own with HER furniture, HER dishes, HER things. There was such joy in that move. We had to take doors off the abode in order to get her couch in and as she had no garage, everything went into the house. Once the men had the furniture in and set in place, the women (and I’m not being sexist, we just do this better) began the arduous task of washing dishes, setting up the kitchen. My son put up utility shelves and put things on it that she wanted. She started crying at one point. Look at my made up bed! I know the feeling.

There is still some picture hanging and a room full of boxes left to unpack, but it’s all in the house, the kitchen is done…

As we were leaving, Spawn looks at me and says – Mom. She’ll have her house DONE by the end of the week and everything will have its place and every picture will be hung. We’re still unpacking our garage and it’s been almost 3 years!

Yesterday afternoon, I went into the garage and took a good long look. Over there is Christmas. 2 trees, 3 tubs, and 5 boxes. And behind that is Halloween and Easter. Not that much. Spawn is down to 5 boxes. I’m down to 3 boxes and 3 garbage bags. Clothes. They will be washed and sent to the Church House Clothing. I have 2 boxes left for the kitchen. 1 box left for the bathroom.

And then the music, books and junk. Can I be honest? I’m ready to just haul out the shredder and shred and if it CAN’T be shredded, send it somewhere. Like the trash. I’m that done. If I can get the school music to school, it would a WHOLE lot emptier, but I have to sneak it in a tote bag at a time because of my custodial staff – which it isn’t their business anyway! I got all the boxes unloaded before school was out, but I have a load and a half here. I brought it home because we were told the movers weren’t moving it. And then after bringing 6 carloads home, I was told by the movers – oh yeah, we will. Just box it and label it.

The custodian was horrified. I was a happy camper. I moved more boxes than any other teacher – any other DEPARTMENT or Grade Level.

So today, I think I’ll put together the other bookcase and go from there. I do have several boxes of books left.

Weird find of the day: I found flannel PJs – top and shorts. yes. Flannel pj shorts. Why?


2018 RA Challenge

O – Casual RA or Dressed to the Nines RA?

Are you serious?


or dressed up and all snazzy?

Really? This is a choice, one or the other??? Okay, I’ll choose…

I choose


Can I have an AMEN!!!!