Stepped outside for my morning walk and it was already so hot and humid, I turned around and stepped right back in. Summer has arrived in hellish fashion in Georgia and I’m thinking it’s going to be as  bad as it was 2 years ago. Will NOT be liking that electric bill, no shit.

Spawn and I did laundry a few days ago. Normally, in the summer, we go at night because it’s cooler, but we went during the day on Tuesday – totally forgot about our silly 2 for Tuesday movie (there is a movie theater in the next little town that shows $2 movies on Tuesday. Granted, they are kids movies and the place is packed out with the day cares, so you hear lots of skittles and m&ms rolling down the aisle during the movie, but they are fun and it gets us into someone else’s air conditioning for a while. Either way, on our way home, we took a detour. There is a lot of space in our little town that we’ve not seen, and sometimes, we take a short drive to see what’s around.

I found something that made me want, made me dream,

antebellum house

it made my son –


It had a For Sale sign out front and I’m rather… really? So I looked it up. Thing is a STEAL for $44,000. It’s longer than it is wide and I figure 5 or 6 bedrooms… a music room, a library. It is 3150 square feet, with 3 HUGEASS bedrooms… and the need of at least 200K renovation and repair work.

I don’t have 44 thousand, much less 200 thousand to restore it and it was off the market within 36 hours after I saw it. Spawn is relieved and I’ll bet the damn thing is haunted.

But still…


2018 RA Challenge

I”m doing M and N today. They feed off of each other, so why not?

M – He’s spoken a few languages. Which is your favorite?

I know French is a beautiful language. But to be truthful, Russian is equally gorgeous when spoken softly. So Russian.

N – What accent/language would you like for him to speak in a future role?

Any one he wants, as long as it’s whispered in my ear and is vilely suggestive.