And how has your day been?

I have been 2 weeks without buying anything… for me. I bought Spawn some shirts. That boy’s closet makes me cry and he says NOTHING. So I’m doing something about it.

My backorders are coming in. All that’s left now is a belt and a pair of boots – I”m hoping the belt sort of saves me some money for a while. The clothes I bought spring of last year are big this year – specifically the maxi dresses I love. If I were going home again this summer – or thought about it when I went home when school was out – I would have taken them for mom to take up in the shoulder. But, neither happened, so I’m hoping a belt will do the trick.

My other backorder I’m not in a hurry for.

thigh his

Yes. Those. Without the heel. They were on sale for under 40.00 so don’t judge me! They should be in next month. Fall stuff should start showing up on the sites in a week or two. They had a huge blow-out sale to clear out their warehouse, finishing up today and I simply ignored it. Holiday and winter stuff will show up in September and my brother is getting married in October. Hopefully, I’ll be down yet ANOTHER dress size and at least my front teeth should be fixed.

Are you ready for some Sir Guy? I sure am! These were freshly lifted today!


What do you have planned this weekend? I’m helping a friend move. In the heat. That will be fun.