Good morning and how are we all?

I’m home. Finally. The cats were overjoyed – their food dish was almost empty.


My blood sugar has been slowly coming down, but tomorrow it will be shit because – tada! We came home and eating on the road is NEVER healthy! But I’ve been 26 days without shopping (for me) and went 4 days without a coke – until this morning and I didn’t get a single refill. And it was the only I had.

Diet Dr Pepper used to taste good, but now it tastes like shit.

Summer has officially started and tomorrow I start my summer walking. Tunes in the ear buds, walking the neighborhood.  Teachers tend to gain weight over the summer. Last year, I didn’t gain – or lose – an ounce. I’m going to try to lose some weight this summer!

So, reading this month… not so much, with end of the year stuff and some problems I’ll discuss.

THe Lost Brother

Continuing with my finish the series year goal. This is #7 of the Gareth and Gwen Medieval Wales mystery series. These take place about 20 years before my medieval Wales Time travel and it’s interesting to see another writers take, especially a rather mysterious but well documented death (basically, he died and tragically young, but no record of HOW.) This has no bearing on my ‘novel’ but is mentioned.

I ran into a problem after this book. There are 3 more after this one and I thought I had the next one and purchased the last 2. Because I purchased them through Amazon, I can’t put them on my on old, decrepit, unregistered but still functioning Kindle. I really prefer to read on it – the battery lasts for a week, unlike my Fire which MIGHT last 12 hours on a good.

Thing is the Fire is full – for some reason, even though I have PC KINDLE slated as the designated kindle, Amazon STILL insists on sending it not only to my PC Kindle, but to the Fire, loading it beyond anything. And to make things worse, they store the books in that little folder that the system won’t let you touch, so removing already read books or books you don’t want on there isn’t happening. So I purchased the two, did a factory reset, and proceeded to download the 2 books. Which was fine, but then it loaded all of my books and now is loaded again. Damn thing won’t even let me listen to audible much less check my frickin’ email.

And then I discovered I didn’t have the next one. I’ve purchased it, but it won’t let me download it on the Fire because – IT”S FRICKIN’ FULL OF THINGS I DON”T WANT THERE!

I’m actually considering purchasing another Fire and simply use it to move things to when I want to read them. I don’t know. This is painful.

Either way, in the meantime…

Labrythn of the Stars

This has been such a wonderful, but challenging series. Urban fantasy that cranks like a rusty engine. This series has had so many twists and turns and redos, it’s amazing. Thing is, I can’t tell if this is the last of the series. It’s the last one written, but it was published in 2014. She’s doing other things now, but I’m not saying it ended on a cliffie, but it could be the end or he might not be…

Solomon's Jar

A jar is found by Greek fishermen – a jar that according to the markings held demons caught  by King Solomon… nasty stuff prevails, leaving Anja running like crazy…

There are 53 or 56 of these. No way I can sit and read them one behind the other.  Also, I’ve been gone a week and I had to use what was on my old kindle. Only the one Alex Archer was on it soooo…

Much Ado in Maggody - Joan Hess

When Joanna Mae Nookim returns to work after giving birth, the bank manager bumps her down from head teller to minimum wage as punishment for taking time off. It’s outrageous, but there’s nothing Arly can do. But when the bank burns to the ground and the head teller is found dead, Maggody threatens to burst into an all-out revolution for the sake of women’s rights.

These are hysterical. Just hysterical. I don’t want to set Gwen and Gareth to the side, but until I can manage my kindle Fire problem, I might just load the old kindle with these and keep going…

I’m tired, It’s VERY late and it’s hot after 10 AM so I’m off to bed. Y’all be good.