Summer vacay, that is!!! I have my checklist and it’s almost done – just sweep the floor, finish clearing my desk and then run the gamut getting everything signed. Tomorrow, Spawn and I will rest on our laurels, play on our laptops, and slide out and go to Mama’s!!!! Going to visit family, see my knitting friends, and then come home and sit in a dentist’s chair and be unhappy. Have a book or two to put on my MP3 to listen to. Hopefully that will help the pain.

I have books to read, a garage to clean out (STILL) and writing to do. Carpets to shampoo, some local gadflying about, THE BEACH! We did not do the beach last year and this year will be hotter. We have a few baseball games to attend. I’m looking forward to the down time. I have been 17 days without buying clothes. Really. I have catalogs and I’ve NOT opened them!

What are YOU doing this summer???