So, for those who didn’t hear, I got up at 5 AM yesterday to watch The Wedding! Yes I did. I love the pageantry and I’m nosy as all get out. Yesterday, I watched a LOT of things I thought I would NEVER see in the British monarchy…

Oh, I’m very opinionated here, so proceed at your own risk.

  1. The bride was American. Never saw that coming.
  2. She was divorced. Soooooo not a virgin. (But I doubt Kate was either!)
  3. And older than the groom
  4. And a woman of color. DEFINITELY didn’t think that would happen in my lifetime.
  5. Never ever thought I’d hear American Gospel sung at any Cathedral in Great Britain. WOW!

I loved that it was a friends and family deal. No politicians. One of my friends on Faceplant had a friend who made the comment – I’m not watching it. They didn’t invite a sitting president…what an insult! 

I responded – I didn’t invite a sitting president to MY wedding! Did you? The only politician there was John Major and I believe he was a family friend.

I could have done without all the Hollywood. I just have no respect there. Especially George Clooney. He can kiss my hairy unwashed lilywhite rebel ass. But she’s Hollywood – soooooo no surprise.

6. I loved her dress. I loved the simplicity of it.

7. In contrast with her veil, which was gorgeous! I remember when I got married, I wanted a long veil, but the back of my dress was very ornate, so I didn’t want to cover that up.

8. I did think the blusher was bit much.

9. Why was William more decked out than Harry?

10. And forgive me, but people! Why the hats????


11. THAT KISS ON THE CHAPEL STAIRS!!!!! *dies* I just love this couple! Such joy!

12. That over excited page boy! Didn’t he just melt your heart????

13. I did NOT recognize Prince Andrew.

14. Interesting Fergie came to this wedding, but not William’s… hmmmm

15. Meghan’s Mom – God love that woman! Why didn’t someone sit with her – if for no other reason than to hand her Kleenex?

16. I’m not a Charles fan, but I so appreciated his walking Meghan to the altar and then – I hate to use this wording – taking such wonderful care of Meghan’s mom. Just – I guess – stepping up to the plate, his consideration of his new daughter-in-law and her mother. I can’t imagine being in either of their shoes.

17. The dresses. Many I liked, many I wouldn’t have on my body! I saw some SACKS.  I was grateful, I didn’t see anything like this..


Are you shitting me?


This was on a best dressed list somewhere. I’m just… seriously?


I wouldn’t wear these to a Halloween party! They said Hollywood was coming – honest, I expected stuff like this!


Apparently, luggage was lost and all that arrived was her overnight case.

18. The sermon on love. NAILED IT!

There is a lot more, but I’m going to leave it there. I’m sure I’ve offended someone. Oh well.

Tomorrow, I start my 4 days of post planning. I will spend all day tomorrow at a school about 20 minutes further out for all day professional development that won’t develop me at all. My kindles are charged and primed, I have a notebook and journal to write in and I’m taking a satchel of cold water. I’ll sit in the back and write and read to my heart’s content. As soon as I’ve checked out on Thursday, I’m heading to my parents. Spawn and I planned to be packed and ready to leave straight from school. I”ll be there for 5 days. Birthdays, Memorial Day, some badly missed and overdue family time. I’ll be scarce.

I hope and pray this summer won’t fly as fast as last summer, but it probably will. The school year went fast. Very fast.

I’ve got to dig through music. I’ve decided to go after my Masters, but I have to audition and I won’t be able to prepare for that in the summer. So I’ll work on that audition starting in August, and maybe do the audition in April and then return to college for the Masters over next summer.

In the meantime, have some Richard!