One more day left, 11 days NO clothes buying and I managed to get through yesterday! YAY! GO me.

Oh. What was yesterday??? Yesterday was my 31st wedding anniversary and 30th anniversary of filing for divorce.

We are in our THIRD STRAIGHT DAY OF RAIN! Yes. Rain.

My ‘garden’ is taking shape. I planted it a week ago and my gladiolas (in the tire – makes a great redneck planter) are all ready up and moving. I’ve planted wild summer flowers and dwarf zinnias. I should plant sunflowers, but I”m not sure where.



Hopefully everything else will come up as well. I had blackberries up by the bush, but something has eaten them. And no, the something wasn’t me or Spawn.

I have morning glories and moonflower to plant, but I’m not sure WHERE to plant them. I’ll probably plant them around the mailbox when school is out. I have middle schoolers who stand IN the square around my mailbox because … I dunno. They’d prefer to stand in my driveway, but I take issue not being able to get out of my driveway. They’re out next week!

I’m trying to decide if I want to get up at ungodlyhour o’clock on Saturday to watch the wedding.

gisborne wedding 2

Right now, they have odd makers taking bets that the wedding WON”T go off at all. All the Dah-rhama. I mean, what did you expect?


Right now, I’m trying to talk myself OUT of getting a coke. My 3rd grade – all 5 of them – were quiet. I won’t have KK, I won’t have 5th grade, I’m being told I won’t see 4th grade, no 1st… so the only class I have to worry about is 2nd and this 2nd grade is hell on wheels.

So we’ll see….

Here. Have some Richard!

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