And how are we all.

We are now at 3 days and counting down and 9 days of NO CLOTHES SHOPPING.

Really, this is a necessary. It is my goal to NOT BUY ANY CLOTHES until August. My brother is getting married in October and I’m hoping to be down another dress size.  I can do it if I could just lay off the cokes.

(I only consumed 2 all day yesterday. As of late, I’ve been downing 3 to 5 AT SCHOOL! So let’s not go there.)

I’ve been getting catalogs from this place and they have some very nice things for a woman with curves but even their woman with curves portions have models that look like this:

photo much

Yes, THIS is being sold in the Woman With Curves section. Really? Photoshop much???? I’m very intimidated!!!

And at some point, I’m going to poke fun at Best Dressed. I’m rather… are you KIDDING me??? 

Sadly, it looks as if our first field day in forever will be cancelled. The gym is taken for promotion and graduation ceremonies and we have THIS for the next 10 days!


And sadly, while yes, it will be mostly sunny on the 24th, it will be cloudy on the 25th and then it will rain more. I plan on being in The Interior by then. Such is life.

I have a lot planned for the summer – meaning most of it won’t get done. I DO want to finish clearing out my garage. I don’t see us moving anytime soon, but the thought of a 28 foot truck, a 12 foot truck and numerous car loads… never again. I’m cleaning out my closets. I’ll either have a garage sale come August OR I’m sending it to a church charity shop. I’d rather give my gently used clothes to someone who needs them then to Goodwill who will sell them for their own pockets.

I had a political rant. I deleted it before I posted it. You’re welcome.  Really though, I have need to find a place where I can rail away and not worry about offending people.

Okay, that’s not true. It’s not that I worry about offending anyone, I do it quite often, on a daily basis most times, but I do like to keep my friends. I think we all know which way I lean. These days, I’m snarling about pretty much everything.  So please forgive me. I’m out of water, I want a coke and I’m stressed to the max.

Here. Have some Richard. He cures everything!

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