Happy Saturday! How is everyone? I’m counting down the last 4 weeks; the last 20 days of school WITH kids! I have 4 days after that and then 8 weeks of bliss! Spawn and I are doing a brown sign tour this summer (all the cool brown signs you pass on the road and forget about. Remind me to tell you about the Brown Sign we visited over spring break!)

It is lovely here today. Sunny, temps in the LOW 70’s, lovely breeze. The air is off, the doors are open and –


the birds are being watched intently!

Every season, I go through my little abode and just love it more, even with it’s warts and problems – things that need to be fixed, the fact the bedrooms are really a bit TOO small, the kitchen is too small…

But for all intents and purposes, it’s mine – as far as a rental goes and even though I’ve been in it for almost 2 and 1/2 years, I still get that chill I got when I signed the lease and walked into it, empty, but welcoming me and mine home. I hope I never get over that feeling. It’s such a great feeling!

I promised I wouldn’t yack so much about clothing and I’ve tried. I’ve only made one picture reference this year and that was at Easter.  (There was also the picture reference to SPRING and warm weather that included a completely snazzy pair of shoes!!!) So only those interested should click on the read more.

I am a glutton for clothes. I love shoes, not like my sister and niece – when they move, it takes HOURS just to pack the shoes! But I digress.

I’ve not been soooo bad when it comes to clothes this year, however I have discovered CLEARANCE sales at Fullbeauty and I watch for big sales for the normal things and I’ve collected Reward points. And I’ve been using my regular cash and not using the credit card. As a result, yes my credit card spending is down, my balance is down and I’m seriously going to have to donate or have a yard sale for the clothes i’ve not worn in 2 years.

I have friends and relatives who tell me – if it’s been on a hanger and not come off in 2 years, then get rid of it. There was I time I thought that was nuts. Before Spawn, I wore and wore and wore until it wore out and that didn’t happen often because I had so many clothes! However after Spawn and after the divorce, I had so few clothes, that I had to wear them until they wore out, but at this moment, I have beautiful clothes that are 2 to 3 sizes down… 4 sizes down that I would KILL to get back into!

However, as much as I hate to say it, they are quite dated. Really. So I”m thinking it be best to let someone who can wear them enjoy them, while I buy new! I’ve got to make room in my closet, anyway. Really! See, my closet looks like this – (and it’s 10 feet long, just so you know!)

unnamed (3)

Yeah, I know it’s messy! The other side is no better. There are NO empty hangers in there!

unnamed (4)

There is a hanging shoe rack hanging in the middle. It holds 12 pairs of shoes and is full. Sickening. Before anyone says – you know, you should be ashamed, there are children starving in Africa – I donate to a Feed the Children Fund through church and I give to Foodbanks here.

Also, when I moved down here, I had 2 pairs of pants and 4 or five tops. That was it. I could hang everything I owned on a 3 foot rack and have plenty of room to spare.

Here’s the problem with clearance is my size is popular so rarely is my size in stock. 😦

But I take it if they don’t have it in my size, then I don’t need it. Not that I need it anyway, but still!

A cute steal on clearance –

top pink

You might recognize this… here


Which was NOT showing off new shoes (yesitwasdontbelievme) but simply a celebration of spring!

Those little cut outs get caught in EVERYTHING!

I’ve also snatched this on clearance.



White jeans

Down a size. I need to take the plunge and start buying blouses a size down. The white jeans I bought last summer are SO HUGE on me. SO HUGE. So, when I saw these on clearance, mo bar-gain for me!!!


This was  one of these – I love it, but not for 70.00! When it hit clearance for 19.99…  And those flowers on the top is beading.

I’ve had my eye on this for a year. Finally, it went on HUGEASS sale (Linen!) and between the sale and then a discount because I spent 50.00 in the swatch… I got it for less than half! And it’s gorgeous on!

linene top

And yeah, I wear it with the white jeans.

You could hear me squeaking when I saw the shoes on clearance. Yep.

sandalssage punp

While my clothes are going DOWN, my shoe size is going up. Sandals and backless shoes I can do the 9 WW, but those pretty taupe ones are being exchanged for a 9 and 1/2 WW. My feet were swollen when they came in, and I couldn’t get into them at all. The next morning, I tried again and even with a knee-high stocking, it was a tad tight. So up a half size we’re going. Still, both together were less than what one of them went for last summer.  For the record, the floral ones are a 9 and 1/2 WW, My duckfoot doesn’t like them. More padding in the back for them.

Sometimes, you find something you have to have regardless. Thankfully, the price on this was much less than you’d think! (And the pink is just as hot as the one that goes with the floral shoes.

flyaway v neck



Two days ago, I gave into the SALE tag and bought all of this for 54.00 plus S&H. Really, a great deal!

Coral red. I have nothing in this color.


Which is no excuse but, I have a lot of burgundy and a lot of teal/peacock. My closet is mostly black/white. There is a LOT of stuff out now that is black and white. I’m saying no. Not because I have enough already, but because I have a TON of black and white.


crochet swing

Pretty color! In the catalog, this was on a more top-heavy model. 🙂

eyeet tunic

I’m a sucker for white this spring. Might have something to do with the pink jeans and the blue jeans and the red pants. (I’ve had those for 2 years and don’t wear them often because … well because.

My favorite black sandals are wearing out. I’ve worn them to death and will continue to wear them until the shoe doctor tells me they’ve given up the ghost. (Yes, I’ve had them repaired twice.)


The outer sides are starting to give way and I’m not seeing them back in stock for the year. I’m praying they hold on through the rest of the school year. They are comfy and the perfect height and I’m not seeing anything that could be as versatile as these.  They are either too high or have a back. 😦  Maybe this… black sandal

It’s a tad expensive tho.

I’m seeing a lot of gold slip ons. Hmm mmm. And a cute pair of silver metallic flats…

silver shoes

For the record, I’m deleting the ads that come in my email and I’ve ordered my son to just toss the catalogs right now. Jessica London came out with their lovely tropical collection and my brother is getting married – I don’t know when – and I’m looking at this –


in purple, with a prettier shoe. I asked my sister what she thought and if she thought I was too old to wear something above the knee and she responded – Don’t you DARE start sounding like mom! You wear what makes you feel good!

I think at this point, I’ve worn myself out.  I used to go apeshit when a new catalog came in the mail and I’d go through and head count $600-700 of want. When I first moved into the house, I budgeted 2 to 3 items a month,  And then for a while it was that much every 2 weeks. Twice, I’ve gone over board and then forced myself to just pay on the card for 6 to 8 weeks, buying nothing. (Yes!)

Sometimes, I think I have a problem, but I go back and remember when I first moved here and lived in a motel and the clothing rack was not even 4 feet long – more like 3 feet and I was hanging up EVERYTHING, including teeshirts and bras and I still had room. I had a basket for underwear and a basket for everything else – shorts, PJs, socks… I went to the laundry once a month and did 3 loads. Yes, I was careful and changed into a ratty tee and jeans the minute I got to the room, to keep the decent stuff clean and I’d hang up what I wore and let it air out.

And I think – I think I’m making up for lost time or some such. 

And I’m quite sure that when I post this, at least one person will silently (or not-so-silently) judge me.

Go ahead. I don’t care. My bills are paid, there is food in the frig, there is enough money for gas in the car. I’ve made my monthly donation to a worthy charity. We are not housebound! I have a shitload of books! There is plenty to do if we want to go do SOMETHING. We might go to the beach tomorrow afternoon! Nyah!

I do believe I’m going to take in one of the museums or art galleries next weekend, brunch in town and wear something I can’t wear to work. Or would feel funny wearing to church. Downtown Savannah at this time is gorgeous and it’s not horrible hot yet and pollen season is pretty much over.

gold slide

Sigh. It’s hard work, being a princess.

Edit: This post has been edited because even I realized that it was originally over-board and waaaaaay to tongue-in-cheek.