Happy GuyDay! 20 days left with students, 24 days left PERIOD. I’m excited.

Also, I want you to know the sacrifice I”m making by NOT SHOWING ANYTHING I”VE BOUGHT this year (except the Easter Dress) I promised. I”m holding up my end. I want SO bad to show off, but I’m not.

So, welcome to GuyDay! Sir Guy, anyone???

guywill-you-marry-metumblr_mm9392jEjX1rtsnluo1_400tumblr_mmly16Omk91s8lq3ho1_400tumblr_mgt8h0r37y1qc25v3o1_500tumblr_inline_mp2ioiCKQy1qz4rgptumblr_mjqexlP99B1qex0dmo6_r1_250 (2)tumblr_mjp9qjDbsn1s82d30o1_500 (2)tumblr_mjn27cx8ja1ql9ebno6_250a (2)tumblr_inline_mkfqdkr9aA1qz4rgpfAV GIF WERESDF

Have a great weekend!