actually, I didn’t sweat THAT much, but I am very pissed that after telling me they would do my taxes for FREE, Turbo Tax then Charged me a total of 150.00 for fed and state taxes and charged me for e filing the direct deposit. It’s STILL going to take 3 weeks and they harassed me to add some Max thing to talk to a CPA for an additional fee of 75.00. I have seriously extensive dental work this summer. I need every frickin’ dime I can get!

EITHER WAY – while I sweated over the fee and yelled at the computer, my darling Spawn sweated over this and got it done!


It also has the Girly-Girl seal of nap-proval!


Now, all we need is a rug, curtains and some throw pillows!!!

And that’s how I spent my Sunday!