Spring is arriving across the Northern Hemisphere and when I think spring, I think of this song…


I also think of bright clothes and flowery shoes…


that right now I can’t get my feet into. Well, my left foot into, those pesky broken toes are whiny. But I digress.

Others are showing off their gardens and back patios and I’m still digging up my triangle splotch of yard. I finally broke down and just sprayed the thing with weed and grass killer and will just set up containers and toss down chips and rocks!

And for those who don’t know, this is what spring in my neighborhood has looked like since February.

This week

Take a good look at Monday, followed by Wednesday…

25 days left with children.

29 days before I go home.

Who’s counting? Not me.

Right now, I’m heading to the showers, to get prepared for today’s showers…

Sunday rain

For those interested, Aside from Heaven as been updated.

And to complete this rambling no point post, I will end this with some Sir Guy..

(Has anyone seen Guylty? I’ve not seen anything from her in what… 2 weeks???)