I’m watching the clock for 4:15 because that’s when my spring break officially begins!!! One week of NO students, no anything, except rehabbing my tootsies, cleaning house so I can steam clean carpets, having some serious major dental work done, planting some flowers, doing some unpacking of the garage…

Doesn’t sound like much of a vacation, does it? Thing is, if I don’t finish it now, it won’t get done until summer. I need to plant flowers, I NEED to get this dental work done and I NEEEED to clean carpets. Spawn and I and kitties have walked on them now almost 2 and a half years and it shows.

I see the doctor today to see how my toes are doing. They hurt. Still.

I’ve not lost any weight, but I haven’t gained any. That’s good.  And when I get back from spring break, I’ll create the end of the year toilet paper roll count down. Yes, it’s what it sounds like. 35 days!

Are you ready for some Guy? I’ve been writing William Edward as well as some on my little original Welsh fic. Hope to get a chapter of one or the other finished by the end of the week. So needless to say, I am READY for some Sir Guy!!!

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Have a great weekend!