And how are you? I’m feeling a mite better. Honestly, I think between all the deaths as of late, politics, school politics (don’t ask) church politics (not mine, but still effects me anyway!) off my meds or out of some, and sick, sick and more sick, I think I know the cause of my melancholy. There are things in my life I simply need to change.

I’m rather excited – tomorrow, I’m doing an accompany gig for a nice fee. Been a Long, long time, but it’s making me happy. I so miss playing the piano. I also did some retail therapy. Now, I know I said I wasn’t going to harp on clothes this year – and I haven’t! But still…

sad but fabulous

which pretty much says it all.

My mom’s birthday is coming up… since she really loved the style blouse I got her for Christmas and she keeps trying to sneak my illusion blouse (even tho it’s waaaay big) so I got her both! (A different pattern in the one like I got her for Christmas)Β  I’ve taken a leap in faith – the last several pairs of jeans/pants I’ve bought have been big in the waist, so I bought down a size. We’ll see. But mostly, for the first time in years, I’ve bought an Easter Dress.

Easter Dress

Not as springy as I would like, but still… springy enough!

Fanfic lovers will be in heaven. I’m posting a silly little post-Valentines Day modern day Guy and Gen ficlet tomorrow and Gary on Sunday!

And now? Enough about clothes, so before I go back to ground, GuyDay!

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Have a great weekend!