Hey Guys. Just dropping in to say hey, hope y’all are well and I’m having weird dreams and we’ll just leave it at that.

It is Guy Day tomorrow. Lord knows I NEED Guy Day! I promise to post some Gary this weekend and some belated Guy and Genevieve Valentines Day silliness. No really, it’s VERY silly.

I came to the conclusion late last year that if I wanted to finish series I’ve begun over the years, I just needed to sit down and read straight through them. Binge read, kind of like Binge Watching an entire television series, like what I did with both seasons of Berlin Station and Castlevania. Stranger Things. I have a shitload of  books I’ve been wanting to finish – a few years back, I did that hugemongeous challenge and read 70-something books in a year. Started a bunch of series and then was forced to move on to finish the challenge – Terri Reid, Abigail Keam, Joan Hess, Lexi Blake, Sarah Woodbury. There are series I started YEARS ago – Alex Archer, Ellis Peters, Elizabeth George, the Kinsey Malone series, to name a few. Just a few. I have a shitload of Morgan Rice – epic fantasy. You know what I like about her, even though I’ve not read a thing? I get her author newsletter and she’s very upfront – if you are having it rough financially, or you know someone having it rough and you or they love to read – tell me, I’ll send a book for free! I’ll give it to you.

So far, I’ve finished Angela Roquet’s Lana Harvey series – a whole new twist on the Grim Reaper. I’m current with Jeri Westerson’s Crispin Guest series. I think she said there are like 4 more left. I hope she doesn’t end it with his death. I’ll dislike her even more.

Rather than do the smart thing and work on series I’ve started, I started – you got it – another series. I mentioned The Iron Druid last month. Folks, I am so in love with Atticus O’Sullivan. I am almost in love with Atticus (which was NOT his birthname, being over 2000 years old and a true Irishman, so it’s pretty unpronouncable – Siodhachan  or SHE ya han. ) as I am with Crispin as well as Sir Guy. I managed to put away quite a few books this month!

First off, Cover-Atticus is damn fine! F I N E fine! Where was this man when I was young, thin, and firm?

Atticus managed to kill 2 of the Deities from Tir na nOg in the first book, which got him a) requests to kill more and b) others deciding if he can kill 2 deities – even though a) he was attacked by both and was simply defending himself – then well, he’s dangerous and needs to die. In the meantime, he’s trying to train his first apprentice in over 1000 years (Granuaile or GRAWN ya wale) and not fall in love with her, he’s managed to piss off OTHER deities from other faiths and beliefs (mainly because to get out of one scrape, he sends deities on wild goose-chases, which cause more problems, including a serious mess in Asgard because of an oath he made to a friend, who happens to be a vampire, and a series of werewolves. Oh, and he’s tangled with some witches… and a seriously uber devout Kabbalist religious sect, whose sole mission is to wipe out all witches, good and bad, vampires and werewolves and they’re not fond of Atticus either. 12 years have passed since the first book, and well, he’s trained that apprentice and now because of the shit he stirred up in Asgard, which basically is sort of setting off Ragnorok, or Loki and Hel are trying to start it early… Oh and Baccahus wants to kill him.

I’ve told you way too much. Just… Talk to me if you want to read them. I just finished book 5 and will start on book 6 this weekend. There are 9 I think and a slew of novellas, which fill in the blanks.

These are easy reads, won’t hurt your brain (except when you’re trying to pronounce things that look so way foreign because they are) and are very interesting – at least to me. I love Atticus’s jewelry, he’s go a hot bod for a 2000 year old man and his Irish Wolfhound Oberon, is a hoot! (He likes to be called ‘Snugglepumpkin’) I also appreciate the kindness in which he treats all the world religions. Jesus especially.

And for a strange off –


This was actually an accidental read. I was loading books on my PC kindle that I’ve gotten from non-traditional places. Not loading them to read, but to ‘shelve’ them. I couldn’t tell what this was so I figured an peruse the first page and cover to see where to put it and I realized it was a VERY short novella. Like read in under 10 minutes. A rather thought provoking piece – a man going through his deceased father’s things. Very thought provoking.

I’m off to crawl in my hole.