Happy Monday and how are we? I feeling pretty stupid right this second. I just realized the calendar I hung up was the school calendar from 2015-2016! No wonder my dates are screwy! 20 days (really 19) until my spring break. I can’t remember a time when I needed spring break so badly. I’ve been feeling rather morbid for the last few weeks. Between sick, sick, sick, sick, realizing I can’t really go home for Easter because mine and Spawn’s spring breaks are far apart – I mean I COULD go home, but we would leave on Friday afternoon, after his classes and then drive and we would drive back 2 days later on Easter and honestly, I’ve reached a point where driving 5 hours and getting up to go to work the next day, just really doesn’t happen. I’d take the day, but I’ve used up all of my sick days, so no. Not happening.

So we’re pretty much home both spring breaks. I think we’re going to go to the Yorktown one weekend of Spawn’s spring break and we’re going to a plantation one weekend of my spring break to enjoy the azaleas – IF they’re still in bloom.

Summer is arriving here on the Georgia Coast – WAY too early. Next week, we’ll have a cold snap, it looks like – temps in the low to mid 60’s, but honestly, is that really a cold ‘snap’? More like a mild toss. We are covered in pollen and I’m thinking that might have a LOT to do with my morbid mood (Yes, I said ‘morbid’!) Yesterday, while driving in the car, I told Spawn exactly what I wanted done with everything if I died suddenly. That’s pretty morbid. It was pretty straight forward to. He’s looking at me like – uhm, Mom, you’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Somehow I’m thinking I might be lucky to be around come 60, much less 65. I think between Emma Chambers, Rev. Billy Graham, the latest shooting, the explosion in Leichester…

Just too much, y’know?

I’ve lost another pound, I’m dying of thirst (not good)

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, I’m taking a bit of a sabbatical from social media. I might show up for Zee reads and maybe Guyday and Mancandy Monday, but I’m just, not in a good mood and haven’t been in a while. So rather than drag all of you down into the abyss with me, I’m just going to go away for a while and get my head back in the game.

Soooo without further ado…


Have a great week!