No, not THAT kind of pie! And not pork pie, either. That stuff just sounds nasty!

I think it is no surprise to anyone that I love pizza. It’s my comfort food, if given a choice between pizza and peanut butter, I would chose pizza. Every time. Hands down. Birthday? Give me the pizza over the cake. Really.

For me, one of the first most important things to do when I move into a new area, is to find a great pizza parlor that isn’t Pizza Hut or Dominoes or Little Caesar’s. When Michael and I moved to further south, we found a GREAT pizza place a mile behind us in the historic part of town.  We loved it! We made it a point to go there once a month, the service was slow, but the pie was divine. The first time we went was on my birthday and I had the gall bladder attack of all gall bladder attacks that night and I ended up in the hospital. Once my gall bladder was gone, we were like clockwork, once a month, rain or shine!

We’ve not found one here yet. We’ve been eating too much Little Caesar’s. I was treated when I first moved here to a lovely place way down in the south part of town, where everything is a small, one-person pizza but I don’t think I’d remember how to get there, tbh. And it’s far, far away. Can’t remember the name, or what street it’s down.

Either way, on our many trips to the islands, we kept passing this little place called ‘Lighthouse Pizza’ on the way out. Spawn and I would both say – we need to try that someday – and then we conveniently forget. I don’t know about you, but my mind has become a steel whatchamacallit.

Valentine’s Day was not a good day for me on several fronts. And when my son came to pick me up, I had succumbed to the mother of all migraines.  I’ve been ill since Thanksgiving – Bronchitis, bronchial asthma, whatever heinous crap went around in late January and now, pollen has shown up. I can’t catch a break to save my bahootie!

Reminds me I need to attach the water hose to the front of the house so I can rinse the car. Dark Charcoal shows pollen very well. Ick.

Either way, Spawn was driving, I was fussing about ODing on Tylenol and he says, you know what mom? Friday, when I pick you up, since we’re already pretty much there, I’m taking you out to Lighthouse Pizza. So dress appropriately.

We got there early on a Friday Night. The entrance into the place is a doozy and I don’t suggest making a left hand turn into it. I feared for my radiator. We were there and a family with an upset child who was really old enough to not be having that kind of a temper tantrum was there. But they left soon after we arrived.

The atmosphere was great and the pizza was really good. It was a tad pricey, but pretty much what we pay for a decent meal out for 2. And let’s be honest, eating 5 dollar pizza gets old. It’s okay, but it’s not pie. Michael and I have decided we FOUND our pizza parlor. So now we can say, we are home.


Expect some Gary at all the normal places this weekend.

Today is Friday, thank you very much – That means, Guy Day and I don’t know about you, but I NEED some Guy.


You’re welcome!

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Have a good weekend all!