hath sprung!!!!


There’s pollen everywhere!

pollenmememeth-to-sudafed6ad1c0e906c619afa9528823b3ab4a88atlanta pollen

Actually, I didn’t even leave town! I stayed in. I tried to buy some cute things on serious sale but American Express decided to vomit so no one could get nothing for 24 hours and by the time they fixed their mess, the coupons I tried to use now show they’ve been used, when they haven’t. Roaman’s told me to call my credit card and the credit card told me to call Roamans. Sale is now over and what WOULD have cost me 57.00 including shipping and handling will now cost me 148.00. Stuff is cute but not THAT cute. So no.

But I”m enjoying the slightly uncomfortable shoes.

Came out this morning to a car I didn’t recognize. My car is dark charcoal grey. This car in my driveway was yellow. Go figure. You know, I’m allergic to this crap and I just got over the bronchitis and asthmatic bronchitis and whatever heinous flu/URI/sickness and now this. THIS! I can’t win! Everything that deals with sinus and headache puts my behind to sleep! My kids are tired of movies, I’m tired of movies. We’re tired of all of it.

There will be ManCandy tonight. Yessireebob!