I think I’m over the sick hump! I’m telling you, it’s been AWFUL sick sick sick! I feel like I’ve spent the entire winter SICK!

Speaking of winter, the South’s Groundhog – General Beauregard Lee – predicted 6 more weeks of winter. I was good with that because that means later to start doing the lawn and later for hot weather to return. Sadly, I don’t think General Lee predicted right this year.


Do you see cold weather? I don’t see cold weather. I see mild weather where – yay – I can turn off the heat/air, but I also see lots of RAIN meaning bugs and growing grass. My phone weather map says it’s going to be WARMER – into the 80’s.

Meh. So unhappy!

However, I’m celebrating tonight – I have lost 4 pounds this week! TOOOOO ME! SCORE!

I also wrote 7 pages of William Edward. Darkness Darkness coming people,

And now without further fanfare, even though he loves it,  I present Guy Day!


Also, I’ve not bought anything in some weeks. I”ve made 2 payments on my credit card and will make a 3rd and possibly 4th before I even consider those pretty floral shoes. (I can get them with the kitten heel or flats. Same price. I’m eyeballing the flat. So lost weight and no clothes shopping….

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