And Happy February to you! Can you believe it’s already February? I can’t. This school year is moving fast!

That means summer will move fast. My summer last year was over in the blink of an eye. Way too fast!

I’m home sick again. Sinuses, coughing – a rollicking Upper Respiratory Infection or most likely – a common cold. There is nothing common about this, let me tell you!

So I am home alone, the house is quiet… it wasn’t to begin with. My son’s cat, Widgette, got up this morning on the wrong side of the bed and has hissed her ire at everyone she can. She growls, doesn’t want you in the same room with her. Lord Thunderbutt can wander by and she screeches at him. After she clawed my toes and began the infernal yowling, I realized she was stressed about something and need the equivalent of a kitty time out for a migraine. So I chased her into my room about 90 minutes ago and shut the door.

However, within 5 minutes, this happened and is still happening.


Yeah, I need to do laundry and will when I”m feeling better.

Honest. He has sat sentry outside the door for the better part of an hour and a half, but neither one has made a peep. I’m not opening that door until my need for a nap overrides everything and I still might take that nap on the couch!

Anyway, it is time for ManCandy Monday.

I know you look forward to this!



And I need a doctor. So I googled images for ‘Hot Doctor’ and got this…


Someone got into Guy’s house and not only raided his wardrobe, but his guyliner as well….


Seriously, I NEED a doctor.



I feel better already.

Not really, but…