I have been very ill today and decided, wtf, let’s sit down and binge watch Berlin Station season 2. I’ve not watched any of it so I pulled them all and loaded them up on the Big screen dvd player.

I’ve realize that I hate watching anything in a foreign language that has hard to read subtitles. This has too much of it. I also dislike shows about politics. I hate politics, I’m tired of politics, I’m sick of data gathering and an end of privacy. I have a nice stack of journals a friend has sent me and I think about writing in them, like a woman of old, where we get much of our history from-  Civil War and Revolutionary brides and mothers who had no other choice but to record their day to day lives and news in a little book. But honestly, there is no privacy there either. A private blog, locked down – nope. Big Brother is watching.

Am I paranoid? Not really. Anyone who wants to hack my stuff is welcome to. I keep mostly story notes and ideas there. So be it.

I didn’t like this season as much as the first and seeing how I didn’t like the first season until the last 3 or 4 episodes, that’s saying something. I didn’t like Trevor as a character – yes, I know it was Daniel under cover, but still… I didn’t like his haircut, or the beard, I didn’t like the character.  I felt sorry for Lena, I actually felt sorry for Hector, I will however, always be Team Daniel-Esther.

I have an entire mouthful to say about world politics, but I won’t, because it all sickens me and I just spent the better part of 7 hours watching World Politics. My head hurts, everything hurts and I think I’m just going to take meds and go to bed with my kindle. I am 65% done with the next Iron Druid book. There are a total of 8, I’m on #3, and I’m just going to binge them and then pick a series I’ve started and never finished. I think I’ll write them on scraps of paper and then draw one out. There are quite a few I want to finish – Father Cafael, Alex Archer (Anja Creed) Mary O’Reilly, I’m sure there are a few more I want to finish. A couple of Masters and Mercanaries I’ve not read. The next Thieves.

I wish Richard would play an enjoyable role, one that doesn’t hurt my brain so much. Or make my stomach lurch. I hope the Oceans 8 role is meaty.

I’ve got a sub for tomorrow, so I think after Spawn goes to school, I’ll write. William Edward wants to get a move on. So does Guy and Gary.  And my little original fic. I have too much on my plate.

And I’m tired. 7 hours in a chair watching something NOT enjoyable didn’t help.