Good morning or afternoon and how are we all? Did your to do list for the weekend get done? Mine sure didn’t. Spawn has come down with a nasty upper respiratory infection and I have a wretched full frontal sinus headache. My house looks like a tornado swept through it. We DID manage to get all the Christmas decorations and trees to the garage. Finally I can walk through my dining room. Either way, I’m home, monitoring Spawn, trying to accomplish ONE room clean. Looking for my paycheck and praying my bonus/overtime is in it. Some is going to the slush fund, but by golly I’m buying a futon for the family room so we can sit on it and watch Berlin Station someday! I also need to fix the keyboard on my laptop. But that can wait.

The RABBBWW (Bold Bodacious and Beautiful Well Wishers, for those who didn’t know) is up and running and there have been some awesome posts made. It’s not all about food, we’ve discussed cheating and pampering, among other things. I’m really excited about it. Come join us!

Considering I didn’t do Zee Reads in December, my reading list for this month is impressive. I did manage to read in December and the beginning of January. We traveled a lot and as Spawn usually does the driving, I was able to put down some major reading. My muses have been strangely quiet – they’ve not been this quiet since I lived further down the coast, when they all went to the beach the second week I arrived and didn’t return until we left, 4 years later.  Every now and again, the muse in charge of William Edward pokes me, but it’s just a poke, nothing- ZOMGYEWGOTTAWRITETHISNOW!


I tossed out no less than 75 various catalogs over the weekend. Really! 75! I am now being inundated with emails with those dreaded words – 75% SALE! GET IT NOW!



I have sworn to myself, until I get the credit card paid down to under 100.00 or April, whichever comes first (It is within my power of getting the credit card down to that in 3 paychecks – or mid March.) no more buyee for me. Nope. Not even an Easter Outfit. I did see an outfit I would like for Easter – when I was flipping through a new catalog before I  tossed it – and of course this spring’s colors are NOT the colors in my closet, but that’s okay.  They are ‘channeling Cupid’. Please. Someone shoot that little mischief maker in the buttocks and send him away. I saw a REALLY cute shoe in my flippings…


Except I would REALLY have to buy an entire outfit to go with them and the Easter outfit I’m eyeballing is white/blue/yellow.  So no. No matter HOW CUTE…

Either way, I’m now just deleting the things and tossing. My closet is sinful and I see me during a purge in a few weeks – if I’ve not worn it in 2 years…

That sure is a pretty shade of pink, though.

So are we ready for some ManCandy????


imagesPourquoi-Brock-O-Hurn-excite-autant-InstagramSunday beefcake Ben Godfre 060608fyes-sir


Yeah, I know, fully clothed, but there something damn fine hunky sexy about THIS man commando in sweats! I’d like to wake up to that! MWAH!