And welcome to the weekend. I only have 4 classes today – sadly, the last two will put me through my paces, but that’s okay.


Yet again, I have HOUSEWORK this weekend! It never ends. Really! I need to get my Christmas stuff OUT of the house (it’s down and packed, but it’s  been too cold to go outside for long) and into the garage and rearrange my cave. I’m expecting a nice bonus for working over the holidays and I plan to put some in the slush fund and use the rest to buy a futon, so we will have somewhere to sit while we watch television or while Spawn plays X box!

If you’ve not checked out RABBBWW, please do so and join us! The food – so far – has been exciting and… well… Richarding!

And now, before my first class arrives – GUY DAY!!!!

tumblr_mmly16Omk91s8lq3ho1_400tumblr_inline_mp2ioiCKQy1qz4rgpdoor guy 01tumblr_mjn27cx8ja1ql9ebno6_250a (2)tumblr_mjp9qjDbsn1s82d30o1_500 (2)fAV GIF WERESDF

Oh, we love to watch him strut!