In recent weeks, I’ve been reminded, seen, read, that more than a handful of Richard’s Bold, Bodacious, and Beautiful Well-Wishes have decided to embrace healthier eating habits.

Healthier Eating Habits, sounds much better than DIET. I know. I need badly to get back on the wagon. I have not taken my meds as I should since I got sick in November, and I see my doctor the end of this month.

Okay, I’ve taken them TWICE in 7 weeks. Not good.

I realize I miss my meetings, but right now, I have some financial obligations that are keeping my funds tied up. And this is something I can do, I just… well… encouragement, you know? Seeing how so many of my friends and my friends friends are spread out all over creation, but we now have at least 2 things in common – Richard and trying to be healthier, I propose the following.

Create an RA BBBWW blog here? A place where we can post openly, share recipes and food blogs,  be a shoulder, cheer each other on. Just be a positive force with each other. We can be our OWN group, y’know?

I’m tired of yo-yoing. I’ve lost the same 20 – 30 pounds for the last 3 years. I’m tired of being really good in my blood sugar for several months and then relapsing. It gets HARDER to fix my blood sugar anymore.

We can do this! We can! We are strong by ourselves, but mightier and a force to be reckoned with as a group whole. Who’s with me??

Here. While you’re thinking about it… Guyday!


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