I have entered Stage 4 of the Holiday Hack – being where Stage 1 I’m starting, Stage 2 it’s so bad I go to the doctor, Stage 3, I kind of get better and Stage 4, I reoccur. Between the students hacking in my face, the dust from packing, the dust from unpacking, the dust of new construction, I have come home, hacking.

And if I were a lesser person or a coward, I would blame my current pissiness on said Hack, but it’s not and I won’t, so I’ll stay here and bite my tongue.

We have come home for the holidays. After fussing at my son for 2 hours Thursday morning for NOT being packed and ready to go (we were supposed to leave on Wednesday) I realize an hour from the my parents abode that I forgot to pack pajamas, so we hit the last Walmart. Folks the place was jam packed and EVERY register was open! I should have taken pictures.

I DID take pictures of this. This is what happens when my mother has decided she is DONE with decorating!


Strange woman.

Typically, this house is decorated from one end to the other, and this year it still is, however, it’s not so…decorated. Dad has had pneumonia and Mom has been busy keeping the house clean from all the visitors. The next 2 weeks the place will be Grand Station Central with all the comings and goings.

As a result, the main tree isn’t the normal ‘big’ tree and Mom didn’t realize it until the thing was full and she still had a bathtub full of ornaments to go.


I found my SECOND crochet heart teddy bear on this one and was told to remember to take it home as well.

The tree is full of personal ornaments, old (although not as old as Guylty’s) gifts, crafty… the birds hung from the ceiling at our home 35 years ago are nesting in the branches and the Angel Tree topper has special significance. (She is made from the lace of the bridal bouquet of a former daughter in law.)


My cough meds have taken affect so I will wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.