And if you have a guy friend around, ask him…

I’m having a discussion with a guy friend, over this outfit (which yes, I now own!)


These jeans (yes, they have them now in my size and with coupons and deals, I got them 30.00 off)

And a similar and daintier shoe (slenderer heel, not as high, with a thinner toe strap)


This chemise in this color (bought on sale 10.00 cheaper


With this jacket that I already own.

So the ensemble looks kinda like this….


I think this is a nice, classy and sexy outfit. My friend says it makes him think – here, slide your hand in my pocket and pull out my library card.

Folks, I have NO where to go this holiday and even if I did, I think this is about the extent of going out sexy dressed I’m going to get.ย  Maybe the symphony or art gallery…

what do you think???