Systems all normal!


They were still down there when I left. I guess no one told them the playground was built on a lake of sorts…

I came to work to this –

IMG_20171215_081910 (1)IMG_20171215_081950 (1)

I discovered that my record albums – which were in 2 milk crates – had boxes stacked ON them in the truck. I had a total melt down and these young guys didn’t get it. And then an older gentleman comes down the hall, takes a look at what I’m hyperventilating over and says “Those are vinyl! I done tole you those waz sacred!”

I believe they were put in the cab of the truck!

I have been to the new school – my room is SO big and it’s beautiful and I video’d it and now I can’t find the adapter so I can upload the video!! Dammit!