The New Firefox sucks. It’s ugly. Boxy. I”m having to completely retweak my page because you dumped it.

The opening page is harder to see because you made things smaller. And Square.

And I don’t give two shits about Pocket. Yes, I’ve done away with it. I shouldn’t have to.

It’s not faster for me. It’s SLOWER! As in snail’s pace.

In addition, you did away with things I downloaded to make my surfing experience much better and tuned to me. Xkit. Certain anti-ad kits. You dumped them too. You didn’t just reformat your shit, you reformatted mine. That’s not cool. Xkit will take God knows how long to fix because I blacklisted shit and now I have to remember what all I blacklisted. Somethings will be quick and easy, but I shouldn’t have to do that. This will take time I don’t have. I feel effed up the ass without the benefit of lube. Why do I use you again? Oh yeah. Tumblr.

And to make things worse, one of my not so small rugcrawlers did a sticky finger lift in my purse while I was breaking up a fight to the tune of 363.00. No, it was NOT found. Yes, I’m extremely unhappy.

Right now, I need to get in the shower because I have a funeral to go to. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to one and as I recall, they aren’t much of a party.