I am home with what feels like a gall bladder attack, except I don’t have a gall bladder. Every rude, nasty, thing that can happen to your body is happening to mine for the last 24 hours. I’m posting this little bit and then heading to the Doc in the box.

Sooo, we have…

Zee Reads. A small amount to be sure and I actually FINISHED all three – I’m so proud.

Malice in Maggody

I have I think the entire series. Funny, irreverent. Arly (short for Ariel and no, not named after the mermaid) was living the high life in NYC until her ugly nasty divorce. She returns to her home town Maggody, Arkansas with it’s weird people and tbh, a mayor and city council with questionable ethics. She’s hired to  be chief of police (that would be her and her deputy, that’s it) and has a hate/hate relationship with the mayor. He owns the Quick Screw Grocery and gas station.  It’s all fun and games until a state gubermint worker disappears and Arly’s mom’s best waitress quits to go to the big city (Little Rock) to attend Cosmetology School. Except she’s murdered before she can leave and the state gubermint worker was heading to have papers signed to use Maggody’s favorite swimming hole as a dump.


Part 2o of the Maggody series… Robin Buchanan lives in a shack on the side of the mountain. She’s mother to a brood of children the state is more than happy to wash their hands of as long as she ‘promises’ to home school. On a hike across the mountain to tend to her ginseng patch, she discovers someone has pulled up the plants and exchanged them for something more… feel better, kwim? Long story short, Robin doesn’t make it out of the patch alive and her kids are running wild and rampant.

In the meantime, the town has a new psychic, a new high school counselor, and a small group of hippies have taken over the general store.  Of course, none of this could be coincidence, right?

Envision This

The prelude to yet another series. Tubby Dubbonet is a New Orleans attorney, aging, gaining weight, divorced.  One of his clients is an inventor of sorts and looking for investors. Investors are wealthy scallywags and karma is brought down at its best.

I’m heading now to the Doc in the Box and then I hope home with feel good meds and writing all weekend.