And are we ready for the mass invasion of small goblins and princesses and ghosts and witches?

I’m rather disturbed by yet another large publication posting an article about ‘cultural appropriation’? Basically, if your little princess is white, she can’t dress up as Moana, because God forbid our daughters want to grow up to be strong, independent and intelligent.

So I suppose I should tell my princesses of color that they can’t be Snow White or Cinderella or Elsa or whoever they want to be? NEVER! Bite me!

And there we have my politically insensitive rant of the year. Trust me there are other things I could rant about. Believe me when I swear I chose the rant that would be least offensive.

For those who missed it, Nemo updated pretty much everywhere. Sometime tomorrow evening or Thursday, I’ll start posting my Nanowritmo. It’s another time travel but really working my historical research chops with this one. I’m aiming for 50K words. I’ve done 45K in 5 weeks so we’ll see… starting them and ending them are easy for me – it’s the middle that messes me up. Oh well, we’ll see.

I received VERY good news this morning. The moving team came through my room and informed me that as long as my things were in a BOX or the larger things – like the instruments and the cubbies – were openly labeled, they WILL move them. Initially we were told that we were limited to 2 boxes and everything else, we’d have to move. Needless to say, my garage is starting to fill up and now I don’t have to take anything else EXCEPT my record albums! SCORE!!!! I am most relieved.

I’ve been tagged by Guylty for some sort of blogger thingamadahchee. A quick glimpse –

My own questions for my nominees

  1. If you weren’t living where you are living now, where would you like to live? With Richard
  2. What’s the last thing you bought that made you really happy? Francis Dollarhyde’s shorty short shorts
  3. If you could dress RA/your favourite artist, what would you put him in? I would undress him. He does not need clothes.
  4. What would you like to receive as a Christmas gift? Richard

See, that was easy.

Okay, those aren’t my REAL answers. I will do those tonight. And there are more questions besides those 4 – so there ya go!

It is time for lunch! Yeppers!!!