Mom and Dad arrived around noon. After crying and hugging her grandson, my mom took charge and I let her. We went to lunch and it just – I just sobbed. I almost lost my baby.

They then took us down to the credit union and I’ve put in for a loan. No one will be able to tell me anything until Monday. I’m going to see about a rental tomorrow.

We then went to the lot to clear out the car. Mom and I cried again. There are more pictures behind the cut. It’s really bad. Spawn is so so so so very very lucky. We realized when we got there that the starfish fossil Spawn made in middle school that has sat in the  back window of every one of our cars most likely flew out the back in the roll and is shattered along the highway. We’re upset about that.

We have a few leads on a few cars. Hopefully, we’ll be able to purchase something by Tuesday.

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That’s the worst of the injuries.

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My backseat is cover in dirt clods. It’s everywhere.

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